Involta Messenger: corporate messenger and task tracker combined in one application

Involta Messenger: corporate messenger and task tracker combined in one application

Alex Kontsov’s Involta company announced the launch of Involta Messenger. This application combines corporate messenger and task manager. It allows you to structure tasks, analyze the quality and effectiveness of team interaction. A representative of the company told Rusbase about this.

It is noted that this is the first application to combine such functions.

To solve the problem of optimizing workflows, neural network and AI technologies are built into the application. They analyze more than 20 indicators, up to the speed of typing a message. According to the developers, this makes it possible to deeply analyze the effectiveness of communication between specific employees.

“Task messenger was created specifically for business, not for personal correspondence. In each dialogue, a specific task is discussed, and this provides a technical opportunity to analyze the efficiency of work, ”said Alex Kontsov.

Involta also noted the high level of data security in the application. The system uses end-to-end encryption with the ability to connect external security modules. Built-in messenger algorithms are open source and audited.

The project took a little over 1 year to complete, the company said. A team of 10 people worked on it. At the same time, external investments were not attracted. The application was created with funds from the Involta holding.

The main market for the product is the USA and English-speaking countries. However, the project will develop in Russia as well. Here, according to the company, he was supported by some corporations, for example, Sberbank, as well as the administrations of Russian cities.

The Involta group of companies has been on the market since 2010. The holding includes various projects in the field of AdTech, Big Data and affiliate marketing. The company’s projects are focused on integrating business processes into the Internet environment.