Telegram QR code: what is it and how to use it?

Telegram QR code: what is it and how to use it?

The QR code and ubetcity88 in Telegram is needed for many things. For example, by using it, you can sign into your account (if you use the desktop version on your PC) or create a QR code for a channel.

Sign in using a QR code
In order not to enter the phone number all the time, it is possible to scan a QR code and use it to sign in to your personal cabinet. The option to sign in using a QR code in Telegram has appeared since Telegram Desktop 1.9.2 Beta (for Windows operating systems) and Telegram 5.8.1 (for macOS operating systems).

It is done in this way: The QR code is scanned with a smartphone, with Telegram, whose account has already been logged in. This procedure allows not to enter the phone number and the verification combination of digits for authorization, which means we are talking about convenience. However, we should not forget about security. Convenience is convenience, but the personal information of the users, entering the Personal Area of Telegram via QR code, shouldn’t get into the wrong hands.

In order to protect yourself and your account (for example, in case your smartphone has been stolen), it is recommended to use the two-factor authentication. In this case, you will need to additionally enter a password – nothing complicated. An intruder who does not know your password will not be able to enter your personal account.

Scan the QR code to enter your Telegram account, you need to do as follows:

Download and install Telegram Desktop. Open the program by pressing “Quick login by QR code”.
Open the messenger on your smartphone, open the menu and select the option “Settings”.
In the next section, select “Devices” and then select “Scan QR code”.

As for the mobile version of the messenger, the possibility to enter the messenger Telegram via QR code has appeared since Telegram 5.13. It is very convenient for users who don’t want to waste their time on manipulations with the checking code sent by the application and having to wait for some minutes to enter the Personal account. Of course, in order to log into messenger online, you need to have the downloaded application on both your smartphone and computer.

You can also log into the web version of Telegram without the QR code. To do this, a session must be open on one of the devices – PC or smartphone. You need to enter the phone number on the website and dial a combination of numbers sent in the messenger. This is another quick method of logging into the Telegram account, which passes the blocking of the application from any corner of the Earth.

Signing in to the web version of Telegram via QR code is necessary in case if you need to go through the authorization in the Personal Area with the maximum speed and minimum effort. It simplifies the work because the user doesn’t have to enter the data, such as a phone number, in order to enter later the verification code sent by Telegram.

Besides, it is very easy to scan a QR code in Telegram, you don’t need any professional skills to do it, as, for example, to work with Photoshop. The reason in popularity of this option is also the fact that this way web and desktop versions of the messenger have gained the deserved popularity. Previously, it was necessary to enter the phone number and wait for the long-awaited combination of digits to arrive on the phone.

However, it is easier to find how to scan a QR code in Telegram, as the procedure has been described above. The function is situated in the submenu “Devices”, which is in the option “Settings”. All this becomes possible as soon as the user calls up the menu.

QR cipher of Telegram Channel
In order to create a QR code for a channel or a group, it is necessary to download a program for generating such ciphers beforehand. QR code for Telegram channel is a very handy thing, and applications generating such ciphers can be found for free. The algorithm of actions is simple, no additional efforts are required – all you need is the downloaded applications: messenger and QR cipher generator.

Thus, we explain how to make a QR code as an invitation link for a Telegram group (private):

Open messenger.
Click on the group name.
Click on the “Edit” icon in the upper right corner.
A window opens where you need to select “Group Type”.
Copy the invitation link.
Open the downloaded application to generate QR ciphers. Generate it.
The code is available for distribution.
The same way you can make a QR code for a Telegram channel as well as for a link to some post. There is nothing difficult, just like with the authorization through the encryption. Anyone can learn how to use it, you don’t need any professional skills or higher education.

The function which allows creating a generated QR code for a Telegram channel is very convenient for each user and is already familiar to many people. Besides the fact that by generating a QR code it is possible to authorize in the web or desktop version of the client, it is often used as an invitation to a Telegram group or a channel.