Twitter and Telegram were fined 5 and 9 million rubles. for non-deleted content

Twitter and Telegram were fined 5 and 9 million rubles. for non-deleted content

The Moscow Magistrates’ Court fined Twitter and Telegram for administrative offenses related to their refusal to remove content banned in Russia including jailbait telegram.

“Twitter and Telegram were found guilty of committing two offenses each, they were assigned fines of 5 million rubles and 9 million rubles, respectively,” court spokeswoman Zulfiya Gurinchuk told Interfax.

Thus, the total fines received by Twitter since the beginning of this year amounted to about 60 million rubles, Telegram – about 40 million rubles.

Earlier on Tuesday, a Moscow court once again fined Facebook for similar offenses, fining the company a RUB 21 million fine. Thus, the total amount of fines received by the social network since the beginning of this year for violation of Russian legislation amounted to more than 80 million rubles.

The companies were found guilty of offenses under Article 13.41 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (the owner of an information resource on the Internet did not delete information if the obligation to delete it is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation).

Twitter, Facebook and Telegram have been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violation of Russian law since the beginning of the year. Google,, TikTok and WhatsApp were also fined millions of dollars.

As previously reported in Roskomnadzor (RKN), since February 11, the service has been drawing up administrative protocols in relation to various social networks that have not removed or untimely removed calls, including to minors, to participate in unauthorized actions.

Also, a number of social networks were prosecuted for refusing to localize the data of Russian users on the territory of the Russian Federation.